Sandford and Upper Avondale Community Council

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Sandford & Upper Avondale Community Council (SUACC) is one of about 1,200 Community Councils in Scotland, some of which represent several communities within their boundary. In Scotland community councils have fewer powers than their English or Welsh counterparts. Community councils were introduced in 1975 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973. The duty was placed on the newly established district councils to prepare an establishment scheme to divide their district into community council areas. In 1996 this duty passed to the present area councils. All of Scotland has had community council areas delineated, the numbers and boundaries of which can be altered by the area council. However not all communities have community councils, which in Scotland are statutory and only exist if local people are willing to stand for election. They are officially stated to be "non-party-political and non-sectarian" in their discussions and decision making. Community councils must adopt a constitution stating the name of the community council and dealing with such matters as the frequency of meetings, office bearers, the method of election, finance and standing orders.

The two Acts of Parliament governing Community Councils allow for them to "take any action" they deem appropriate to improve their community. They set out the requirements of each local authorities "scheme for the establishment of Community Councils".

All the representatives on SUACC are local residents who have volunteered to try to improve the local community. All input is welcomed from any residents who wish to highlight any areas where SUACC can help to improve our communities.

This web site has been designed for the whole community and we hope that as a resident or visitor you find the website useful and informative. Our community has lots of attractions to suit all tastes, so this website has been created to give you the information that you may require.

We would be delighted to invite anyone with any information relevant to our community, with comments corrections or local history they wish to share, to  Email Us By Clicking Here. Happy browsing !

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