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Image of Auchengilloch Monument

Auchengilloch Monument

Image of Drumclog Kirk

Drumclog Kirk

Visiting Avondale

Upper Avondale is an area steeped in history. There are several historic monuments which emphasis the area's connection to the Convenanters. In 1679, during the battle of Drumclog, John Graham of Claverhouse, an arch persecutor of the Covenantors, was forced to retreat. During the battle Claverhouse lost his horse and commandeered the Trumpeters mount. The unfortunate trumpeter was caught, killed and his body thrown down a well. This well known as ‘The Trumpeters Well’ can still be seen at Hillhead Farm, Caldermill on the A71 between Strathaven and Drumclog

At Auchengilloch there is a monument which was erected in 1830 to mark the site of various Conventicles. The site was chosen because of it's remoteness ensuring the meetings were not disturbed. An Ordnance Survey map is advisable (Landranger sheet no 71--NS 713357) to access the monument, which can be done from, Lambhill Farm, Logan Farm or the Powbrone .burn

Drumclog Kirk, originally constructed in 1901 of corrugated iron, was replaced in 1912 by an attractive stone building. It was named Drumclog Memorial Kirk in remembrance of the Battle of Drumclog. The Kirk has a stained glass window depicting the Covenanters and on the east wall there is a painted copy of the banner, under which the Covenanters fought at Drumclog.

On the first Sunday of June each year a memorial service is held at the monument erected at the site of the battle about 1.5 miles north west of the Kirk.

Image of Covenanters Banner

Covenanters Banner

Image of Covenanters Monument

Covenanters Monument

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