Sandford and Upper Avondale Community Council

Avondale Young Farmers

Sandford and Upper Avondale form part of the 'Avondale District Young Farmers Club'. Our Motto is Don't Say No, Give it a Go !

The 'Club' is governed by a full constitution, office bearers, committee members and with events convenors is extremely well organised. It has a full calendar of Summer / Winter activities and events for you to 'have a go'. These include: New Members Night, Quiz Nights, Football, Netball, Tug of War, Hockey, Volleyball, Sock-judging, Ten Pin Bowling, Agri-Affairs, Carpet Bowls, Barn Dances, Treasure Hunt, to name but a few. Contact the office bearers for a copy of the full events calendar.

Full Membership is open to persons up to the age of 26 years and as 'Associate Members' thereafter.

Annual membership fees are as follows:

New members - £20
18 years old and under - £25
19 years and over - £30

Meeting Time and Venue:
The 'Club' meetings are held in Sandford Hall at 7.30pm on most Tuesdays. Call one of the office bearers to confirm the day.

Office Bearers:
Chairman - Robert McKechnie - 07818 667 847
Vice Chair - Laura Fleming - 01555 861109
Secretary - Gillian Walker - 07851 024 204
Treasurer - James Fleming - 01555 861109

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