Online meetings to start from March 2021

Sandford and Upper Avondale Community Council

In line with new South Lanarkshire Council guidelines on community councils, Sandford and Upper Avondale Community Council (SUACC) confirmed that it plans to resume meetings online using Zoom.

The move is in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made it difficult for meetings to be held because the existing guidelines said that members had to be physically present and proceedings had to be open for both the public and media to attend. 

As community councils could not meet these conditions safely, a public consultation was held to help decide the best way forward. The consultation found considerable support for allowing community councils to hold meetings virtually. 

Amendments to the South Lanarkshire Scheme of Establishment of Community Councils were then agreed at a special meeting of South Lanarkshire Council on Wednesday 16 December, allowing meetings to be held either in person or online. 

As with other community councils, SUACC has continued to discuss urgent issues by email, telephone and online since meetings stopped at the start of 2020, and has continued to take and consider applications for both Micro Grants and Kype Muir Community Fund throughout the last year.  A number of organisations have been successful in their bids and projects have been able to complete through funding being approved.

The first online meeting of SUACC will be on a date to be confirmed in March 2021 and meeting details will be published on the SUACC website.

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